Best Online Paraphrasing Tool For Free

Looking for a website to summarize articles? Want to rewrite a sentence in different words? This AI sentence rewriter paraphrasing and summarizing tool allows you to rephrase a sentence or paragraph easily.


Features of Paraphrasing Tool for free & Paragraph Rewriter

The top features of this summarizing and paraphrasing tool allow users to reword my sentence or anyone else's. A smart paraphraser rephrases a sentence so as not to change its meaning.

Human Level Paraphrasing maintains the readability of the text. All other paraphrasing and summarizing tools replace words with their synonyms. They use old methods of rewriting a sentence that is obsolete now. So, when you rephrase a sentence, it becomes too difficult to read. It is possible to use the best online paraphrasing tool for free to maintain human-level readability so that children in Grade 6 can easily understand the paraphrased content.


Maintain Original Meaning

Most of the time, free paraphrasing tools change the meaning of a sentence along with its context. They replace words with their difficult synonyms and change the voice tone of a sentence. For example, a sentence of active voice is turned into passive voice. Meanwhile, our AI-based Online Paraphraser rewrites the sentence correctly and maintains the original meaning. This way, your content looks more professional and readable.

Rebuild Sentence Structure

With artificial intelligence, the AI paraphrasing tool reconstructs the structure of a sentence. When you use another tool to rephrase sentences & articles online, it changes the sentence structure. Whenever we change the structure of a sentence, the content loses its quality and becomes irrelevant. Meanwhile, our paraphrasing tool free article rewriter rebuilds a sentence structure so that the quality of the content remains on top.


Provide Unique Text

Producing unique and quality content is becoming more challenging. Most people ask, "how can I reword my sentence to sound more professional?". The smart paraphraser tool answers this question when it rewrites the sentence correctly online. Paraphrasing tool free article rewriter uses AI to provide unique text. The sentence can be rewritten correctly without any plagiarism.

Unique AI Modes of Online Paraphrasing Tool

If you are looking for an app that paraphrases for you and rewrites the sentence correctly online, use our because of its unique AI modes.

  • Standard Mode
  • By default, our online paraphrasing and summarizing tool reliably rewrite text to maintain the actual meaning of the text. Following the context of a piece of content makes it relevant and readable. In the standard mode, the smart paraphrasing tool takes the input, changes it, and keeps the original meaning. You get to rewrite and shorten paragraphs that are readable to a school-level kid.

  • Fluency Mode
  • The fluency mode of an AI-based online paraphraser ensures the text's punctuation, grammar and readability. It ensures the paraphrased text retains its meaning and overall context. Content is always written in a clear, easy-to-understand manner without errors. So, rephrasing a sentence using our tool maintains the readability and fluency of the text as per its context.

  • Formal Mode
  • It is especially for those who ask, "how to reword my sentence to sound more professional?". The formal mode AI-based sentence rephraser rewrites text in a more sophisticated and professional manner. This mode reads the input, rewrites the sentence correctly and improves the quality professionally. This feature is the go-through option for people who send emails and do office work.

    How to use the free Paraphrasing Tool Online to reword my paragraph?

    This online paraphrasing and summarizing tool allows you to reword my sentence, rephrase a sentence, rephrase and reword a paragraph for free.

    Enter text into Online Paraphrasing Tool

    Copy paste your content from document on this free paraphraser tool to rewrite sentences without changing the meaning of them.

    You have words but need a few modifications so the best free online paraphrasing tool can be perfect to depict your thoughts in similar words without changing the meaning or expression. If you are a student, professional writer or anyone else, you can use this paraphrasing and summarizing tool to improve you writing style. There are plenty of word spinners and rewriter websites, but a Smart paraphraser will rephrase a sentence in a correct way which will be highly beneficial for you. Moreover, It can also assist you in removing the plagiarism of any content so you shouldn’t spend hours and hours doing it. You just have to enter the content from the document into and you will end up getting the quality content in different words but with the same message. Not only that, but you can also utilize it to select multiple synonyms.

    You have words but need to make a few changes so that the online paraphrase tool can better depict your thoughts, but this will rephrase sentences without changing the meaning of them. This free paraphrasing tool helps you improve writing style whether you are a student, a professional writer, or some other individual. There are many essay generators, word spinners and article rewriters, but a Smart paraphraser will be incredibly helpful to you. Furthermore, it can help you remove plagiarism from any content, so you don't have to spend hours removing plagiarism from content. Simply enter the content from the document into a best online paraphraser, and you'll get quality content in a different version of words but with the same message. You can also use it to choose multiple synonyms.

    Click on button to Rephrase Sentences & Articles Online

    Click on Paraphrase button and this free paraphrasing tool will instantly rephrase your content to remove plagiarism from it.

    Get accurate results or to change synonyms

    After this paraphrase generator rewrite sentences online and rephrase article online free - click on to change the synonyms of the content.

    You have words but need a few adjustments so the Paraphrasing tool can be perfect to portray your thoughts in better words but that will not affect the meaning or expression of your words. No matter, if you are a student or a Professional writer, or anyone else. you can utilize this tool and can modify your writing style. There are numerous word spinners and rewriter websites, but a Smart paraphraser will paraphrase your content accurately which will be immensely advantageous for you. Besides that, It can also aid you in discarding the plagiarism of any content so you don't have to waste hours clearing the plagiarism of the content, simply enter the content from the document into a Smart Paraphraser and you will receive the quality content in different words but with the same message. Not only that, but you can use it to hand-pick multiple synonyms.

    Benefits of Free Paraphrasing Tool

    Why spend valuable time generating perfect content when you can utilize a paraphrasing tool for that? It's time to save time by using the paraphrasing tool to improve your narrative voice!

    Teacher Icon

    For Teachers

    Teachers are the ones who have numerous obligations on their shoulders such as they have to prepare different lectures for the different classes but not just that, they also have to provide notes and lesson plans to their students because of that they barely get the time for themselves and sometimes the multiple things get messed up. That is why Smart Paraphraser acknowledges their difficulty and comes up with the paraphrasing tool which can assist them in writing, rewriting, and editing documents for their students and themselves while saving time. Try it immediately to believe it!

    Student icon

    For Students

    There is always a mountain of study responsibilities in the life of students such as notes, assignments, presentations, and exams. In these circumstances, they find it difficult to maintain their good grades because just a little effort can result in low grades. As a result, when they try shortcuts, they end up copying the same material over and over, which frustrates teachers. There, Smart Phrasing can support you because you no longer have to copy and paste any data; simply enter the copied or rough data into a paraphraser and you will get the quality content in a unique concept. You can use it for assignments, notes, or anything else. Choose a smart way with a smart paraphraser.

    Copywriter icon

    For Copywriters

    AAs a copywriter, your words should be attempting enough to generate traffic, but it can be difficult to come up with new words and ideas all the time. If the words you write are not unique or original. Moreover, if you are using the same words again and again so, it will not benefit you no benefit because what will be the purpose of your writing piece? You don’t have to be concerned because Smart Paraphrasing can assist you with this! You simply have to enter the same words into a paraphraser and after that, you will get the content which will be highly significant due to the unique words but with the same meaning. Now it is easy to generate productive content!



    Review by David Luiz Ratings
    David luiz

    I have to provide a bulk of content on a daily basis which used to be exceptionally difficult for me until I discovered the smart paraphrasing tool, which allows me to achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time. It provides synonyms and new words to make my content look unique and appealing to readers.

    Review by Natalia Clark Ratings

    I was looking for an online tool to help me with my homework and writing style. That's when I found the Smart Paraphraser, which aided me quickly improving the readability of my assignments. It rewrites my given text using words, phrases, and sentence structure that professional writers use. It's simply incredible, I must say!


    Have Questions? We are here to help.

    When you enter content into it, the system behind it aims to provide quality content to the user by rewriting a piece of text in a different way. This can be accomplished by modifying the words, the structure, or both. The tool will then display the new version of the text, which you can accept or reject.
    For a variety of reasons, one of which is that paraphrasing your own work can help you learn to express yourself more clearly and concisely because it provides a new version of the text. Furthermore, it can assist to improve your understanding of a text and you can better understand its meaning and implications by paraphrasing it. It is perfect for professional use.
    Plagiarism is without a doubt a serious academic offense. However, if you use a paraphrasing tool, there is a high possibility that your content will be plagiarism-free. This tool will simply rewrite your original text without altering its meaning. As a result, they can easily rewrite the content that will be remarkably similar to the original. To be safe, always double-check the paraphrased content to ensure that it is completely unique.
    This is the best paraphrasing tool to beat Turnitin in terms of its accuracy and relevancy. The tool above does not change the meaning of a sentence and rephrase it properly. That make it one of the best paraphrasing tool for students as well as teachers.
    You can copy and paste your content in a free unlimited paraphrasing tool and it will rephrase sentence online free. This way you can avoid plagiarism easily. Find this complete guide to learn how to copy and paste without plagiarizing.
    Yes, our free online paraphrasing tool allows you to reword your sentence with a wide variety of suitable synonyms. It also has the option to change tone of a sentence to sound more professional.


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