Smart Paraphrasing Tool For Quillbot User

Do you frequently need to paraphrase content and currently use Quillbot? Our free online paraphrasing tool allows you to paraphrase text and make it 100% unique without plagiarism. It is the best Quillbot alternative as you can use it for free.


Features of Paraphrase Tool

Our paraphrase tool for Quillbot users offers a lot of features. The best thing about our tool is that it is totally free. You can rephrase text unlimited times and it will keep assisting.

Human Level Paraphrasing maintains the readability of the text. All other paraphrasing and summarizing tools replace words with their synonyms. They use old methods of rewriting a sentence that is obsolete now. So, when you rephrase a sentence, it becomes too difficult to read. It is possible to use the best online paraphrasing tool for free to maintain human-level readability so that children in Grade 6 can easily understand the paraphrased content.


Maintain Original Meaning

Most of the time, free paraphrasing tools change the meaning of a sentence along with its context. They replace words with their difficult synonyms and change the voice tone of a sentence. For example, a sentence of active voice is turned into passive voice. Meanwhile, our AI-based Online Paraphraser rewrites the sentence correctly and maintains the original meaning. This way, your content looks more professional and readable.

Rebuild Sentence Structure

With artificial intelligence, the AI paraphrasing tool reconstructs the structure of a sentence. When you use another tool to rephrase sentences & articles online, it changes the sentence structure. Whenever we change the structure of a sentence, the content loses its quality and becomes irrelevant. Meanwhile, our paraphrasing tool free article rewriter rebuilds a sentence structure so that the quality of the content remains on top.


Provide Unique Text

Producing unique and quality content is becoming more challenging. Most people ask, "how can I reword my sentence to sound more professional?". The smart paraphraser tool answers this question when it rewrites the sentence correctly online. Paraphrasing tool free article rewriter uses AI to provide unique text. The sentence can be rewritten correctly without any plagiarism.

Introduction to Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrase tool helps students, writers, teachers, content marketers and others to rephrase their content instantly. It uses advanced machine learning and natural language processing to understand content and make it more unique and engaging. The best thing about our tool is that it is completely free.

Websites who has Paraphrasing Tools

There are a lot of websites who have paraphrasing and rephrasing tools. Some of them are excellent but the majority of online available tools do nothing. They just replace words with synonyms and give you an output which is oftentimes heavily plagiarized.

Here’s our comparison with top paraphrasing tools and why our tool is better than all those.

1. Quillbot

Quillbot has an excellent paraphrasing tool but it is not free. Furthermore, it only allows rephrasing of 125 words. Our paraphrasing tool is the best Quillbot alternative as it gives users an option to rephrase up to 2000 words.

2. Editpad

Editpad has an ordinary paraphrasing tool. It doesn’t rephrase properly, it is extremely slow and makes content robotic. Our tool is better as it is fast, accurate and uses machine learning and NLP which makes it a best editpad paraphrasing tool alternative.

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs has a pretty decent paraphrasing tool and it is free as well but the main issue is that they are using ChatGPT. The paraphrased content is always robotic and all AI detectors catch it easily. Meanwhile, our tool uses NLP and machine learning to interpret and understand text. This makes our tool the best Ahrefs paraphrasing tool alternative in terms of quality and accuracy.

4. Semrush

Semrush has exactly the same paraphrasing tool as Ahrefs has because they are also using ChatGPT for rephrasing text. The content is always robotic and detected by an AI checker. Our tool is the best Semrush paraphrasing tool alternative because of its quality, reasoning and readability.

5. Grammarly

Grammarly has a better paraphraser if we compare it with Ahrefs & Semrush but still it is an average tool. It doesn’t fine tune sentences or rephrase text the way people want. Our rephrasing tool is designed to enhance the quality of existing text which makes it the best grammarly paraphrasing tool alternative.

6. Scribbr

Scribbr uses AI to rephrase text and has a decent tool in terms of reasoning and accuracy. The main drawback of Scribbr is that its tool is so slow - which makes it difficult for users to use it as their go to tool. As our tool is exactly the same or better with lightning speed, we can claim that it is the best Scribbr paraphrasing tool alternative. 

Is using paraphrasing tools ethically correct?

Using a paraphrasing tool isn't considered academic misconduct. All educational institutes allow a fair margin or plagiarism around 10 to 15%. Using the same content (copy/pasting) is considered as a misconduct because that means the person has not done anything for completing a specific task or assignment.

How to find a smart paraphrasing tool?

You can find our smartparaphraser easily by doing a simple search on Google. You can type “Smart Paraphrasing Tool” or “Paraphrasing Tool for Quillbot users” and find our tool from search results.

You can also directly type in the url of our website in your browser and bookmark it for using it again.

How to use our Paraphrase Tool for Quillbot users?

It is simple and easy to use our paraphraser for Quillbot users. Just open this tool and paste your content. Click on the paraphrase button and our tool will instantly provide you with quality content which you will find better than the original.



Review by David Luiz Ratings
David luiz

I have to provide a bulk of content on a daily basis which used to be exceptionally difficult for me until I discovered the smart paraphrasing tool, which allows me to achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time. It provides synonyms and new words to make my content look unique and appealing to readers.

Review by Natalia Clark Ratings

I was looking for an online tool to help me with my homework and writing style. That's when I found the Smart Paraphraser, which aided me quickly improving the readability of my assignments. It rewrites my given text using words, phrases, and sentence structure that professional writers use. It's simply incredible, I must say!


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