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AI is getting more popular in schools. Students and teachers have been using AI tools for different tasks for a long time.

Many students are turning to AI paragraph rewriting tools to avoid plagiarism in their assignments. These tools rephrase sentences and restructure paragraphs, without changing the quality of the content even if content is sourced from elsewhere. It's helpful for students who struggle with writing or need to submit work quickly. is a new yet interesting tool for students to help with writing block. 

In this review I'll explain how to use this tool, features of this tool and how it could help students.

What is

It is an online tool which helps you to rewrite or upgrade your paragraphs and helps you avoid plagiarism. Using this paragraph rewriter is very simple; it just takes 3 steps and rewrite the whole paragraph.

You just need to enter or copy-paste your text in the left box and click the rewrite paragraph button and within the seconds the tool will paraphrase your text and give you the result on the right box. The tool used a natural language process and machine learning to understand your prompt and the structure of the sentences and act accordingly.

The word limit of this paragraph rewriter is just 200 words which should be improved.

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Let’s test this tool and check if it is any good for students or not.

Testing process of Paragraph Rewriter Tool

The interface of this website is very simple. Not a long list of menu or settings. Just landed on homepage and the tool is there. 

I have searched for a paragraph on google to test on this tool. Just paste on the given box, select the fluency mode and click on the rewrite button.

Here is the result: 

The paragraph which i was selected had some grammatical errors, the tool not only rewrote the paragraph but also corrected all the errors. And i really like the sentence structure and style of writing in fluency mode is up to the mark. You can also use this tool on an advanced level.

There are two more tools this website offers. Let’s discuss and test them also.

Paragraph Generator

Paragraph generator is used to help people generate paragraphs, you can create any type of paragraphs with this tool according to your preference.

Let’s try this tool by providing a topic.

I entered the topic “stars in the sky”, selected the professional tone and clicked the generate button. Within 3-4 seconds it will provide me the result.

The Readability of this content is very good. If you are not satisfied with the output you can rewrite the content. This type of content is easily used at school level. It's a very useful tool for students.

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Paragraph Expander

Paragraph Expander is another useful tool for students. It can help them expand their writing. They can add a particular length and more details in your content with this tool.

Let’s try this tool and see how accurate it is.

I have given this tool a paragraph of 117 words and click the Expand button.

And the tool provided me with the result of 180 words which is quite impressive. This tool can also be used by students in school and college levels.

Features of 

Here are some popular features this tool offers:

  • This tool makes sure the rewritten content is easy to understand, keeping the original meaning.
  • It simplifies sentences and avoids complex words, which helps students to understand the text easily.
  • The content which this tool provides is totally plagiarism-free and maintains academic integrity.
  • It offers different modes like standard, fluency, and formal, so that students can customize their rewriting experience.

Things That Need Improvements

  • It would be great if the paragraph rewriter could handle longer texts, as it currently only works with up to 200 words.
  • Adding features like grammar checking or citation generation would make the website more useful for students who are looking to improve their writing.
  • Having the option to use the tool offline would be really helpful, especially for people who don't always have access to the internet. quick review

  • Accuracy: 9/10
  • Features: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 9/10
  • Customer support: 7/10
  • Price: Totally Free 10/10
  • Speed: 9/10

I've tried out this website, and I'm generally impressed with all the features it offers. It needs some minor adjustments and improvements, but overall, it's good. I've shared accurate information, and the ratings are honest. This isn't a sponsored post. Our reviews aim to give unbiased, third-party perspectives. I don't get any commission or benefit from mentioning a website or how well it works.

Summary is a helpful website for students, writers, and authors. It has features like a paragraph generator and expander. It's good at keeping the sentence structure and giving a unique style, almost like human writing.

The downside is its word limit for rewriting is limited. But overall, it's easy to use and free. I've talked about how accurate it is, what features it has, how easy it is to use, and how fast it works. With some improvements, it could be even better.

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