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Copy and paste is the simplest of functions that anyone can perform. You can do it by using ctrl + c to copy and ctrl + v to paste on windows. Or command + c to copy and command + v to paste on mac devices.

Copy and paste is not a acceptable thing in content world. Content can be of many types like images, videos, words or text, songs, etc. When we say copy and paste text, it means we will get plagiarism.

Today, I will walk you through How to copy and paste without plagiarizing and what are the best ways through which you can do it. Let's start from here!

Introduction to plagiarism

Plagiarism is considered a very unethical act in both academic and professional writings. The most common type of plagiarism is copy-pasting someone else’s content and presenting it as your own.

Academic plagiarism is considered a crime and serious actions are taken against those who commit academic plagiarism. Plagiarism in professional writing is thought to be very unprofessional. This article tells how to copy paste without plagiarizing. Let’s jump on to it.

How to check plagiarism?

To copy-paste data from the internet without plagiarism, you first need to know how to check plagiarism between two documents. Many online plagiarism checking tools are available on the internet. Follow the below-given steps to check for plagiarism:

  • Browse for an online plagiarism checker on the internet.
  • Select text that you want to check for plagiarism.
  • Paste the text in the plagiarism checker.
  • Click enter and the result would appear on your screen.

How to Copy and Paste without Plagiarizing?

Copy pasting data from the internet without committing plagiarism is possible in many ways. Let us suppose that you have an urgent assignment to submit to the college.

Let me tell you a secret way to prepare your assignment in a short time. Following are simple ways to copy-paste data from the internet without plagiarism;

1. Copy and Paste without Plagiarizing by using Google Translator

Plagiarism can be removed from a copy-pasted text using Google Translate. Open Google Translate and write the topic of your assignment there.


Translate it into some other language, for example, French. Then paste this French title into your search engine and relevant articles (in French) would appear on your screen.

Now select this French data and paste it into your google translator. Now, translate it into the English language and again copy and paste it into the best paraphrasing tool.

The level of plagiarism would be low this time. Repeat the whole process until the plagiarism level becomes zero or below 5. Your assignment would be ready in no time without any trace of plagiarism.

2. Copy and Paste without Plagiarizing by Paraphrasing

Plagiarism levels can also be reduced by using paraphrasing techniques. Select the data of your interest and either write it in your own words or use some online paraphrasing tool.

Sometimes, paraphrasing is considered plagiarism due to matching data from other websites.

You should again copy and paste the text in any paraphrasing tool and press enter. You can rephrase the data as many times as you want until the plagiarism level reduces to the desired limit.

3. Copy and Paste without Plagiarizing by adding Citations

Citation means you mention the reference of the paragraph that you copied from the internet and the data that is pasted along with its reference is acceptable (not considered plagiarism).

4. Copy and Paste without Plagiarizing by adding Quotations

Quotation means you put the copied data in double quotation marks and the plagiarism checker excludes the quoted data from the text while scanning.

After doing this you can find what is the best paraphrasing tool to beat turnitin, Quilbot and others.

Use IQCP technique to reduce plagiarism levels

The first step is “identification” of the source of the text. You must know the source from where you have copied the text. Identification here means that you should know the criteria on which plagiarism checking tools work.

Normally, the plagiarism tools identify plagiarism if six or more words present in a sentence are similar to some already published data. Hence, you can change the sequence of words in the data that you copied.

Then it would not be detected in the plagiarism checker. The next steps are citation and quotation (described above) which you apply to reduce plagiarism.

The last step in the above technique is paraphrasing. As I have already explained the procedure of paraphrasing above.

After applying this IQCP technique, you can reduce plagiarism from your copy-pasted data to about 3%. You should also know about the difference between plagiarism and paraphrasing.

Frequently asked questions:

Is paraphrasing and summarizing the same technique?

Summarizing means the shortening of a detailed paragraph while paraphrasing means writing someone else’s idea in your own words. You can use online paraphrasing tool for research papers and thesis.

What are the short keys for copy and paste commands?

Ctrl + C is used for copy command and ctrl + V is the short key for paste command.

What is ethical plagiarism?

When you put the reference of the copied text then it is considered ethical plagiarism and it is acceptable. The acceptable rate of plagiarism is 10-15% depending on the type and length of the content.

How to copy and paste without copyright?

You can give credit to the real person whos content you are copying. You can avoid copyright by doing this.