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In recent years, has become more popular among students and professionals for checking their writing for grammar mistakes and plagiarism. 

Checker plagiarism is today’s best plagiarism detector with its upgraded algorithms and detailed features. But how accurate will it be?

In this detailed article, I am going to test this tool step by step to check its abilities and features and compare it with other top plagiarism checker tools.

By the end of this article, you will understand how accurate this Plagiarism Checker is, so you can make an informed decision about whether or not you should use this product.

What is is a website with multiple writing tools for students. The plagiarism checker is the main tool on this website. It helps you find out if you've copied stuff in your writing. 

When you insert your text and check for plagiarism, it compares the submitted text against a vast database of sources, including websites, academic papers, and publications. If it finds something similar to what you wrote, it shows you. That way, you can make sure your work is all yours and not copied from somewhere else.

The list of tools this website has is

  1. Plagiarism checker
  2. Paraphrasing tool
  3. AI detector
  4. Grammar checker
  5. Paragraph Expander
  6. Paragraph Generator
  7. Paragraph Rewriter
  8. Readability Checker
  9. AI Text Summarizer

Testing process of each tool

In this guide, I will test each and every tool on this website and give you my honest feedback and review.

1. Plagiarism Checker

There are so many types of plagiarism, some are difficult to detect. Let's start this testing process with the very first and main tool of this website, the plagiarism checker and see how accurate it is.

To start the checking process, I should have the content or text to check for plagiarism, so I searched for a story on the internet and decided to check if it had plagiarism or not. This is the story I have searched for online. Moreover, this tool has a word limit of up to 1000 words, which is quite enough.

I copied that story, pasted it in the box, and clicked the check plagiarism button. This tool has three more options: you can upload the file or use Google Drive or Dropbox. But I didn't use these options.

So here is the result:

The content is 100% unique, not used before, and 0% plagiarized. 

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Out of 80 sample texts, the free tools found about 46% of the average plagiarism percentage, while the paid tools found around 57%. But's free checker did the best job, with a detection rate of 83%. So, in my opinion, it's the most reliable option out there.

2. Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrasing tool is used to rephrase sentences, articles, and paragraphs. This tool offers 3 modes for paraphrasing, including standard, formal, and fluency modes, with a limit of 150 words.
Let's give it a try and see if this limit is enough or not. 

I copied the same text I used for Plagiarism checker, inserted it in the paraphrasing tool’s box, and clicked the paraphrasing button.

150 words are not enough to properly paraphrase an article. It typically takes 4-5 paraphrasing sessions, which can be time-consuming.

For now, I am going to try a small piece of text to check if this tool is working properly or not.

Now try this same text in formal style:

In the standard version, this tool shortened the text from 150 to 135 words, but in the formal version, it made it much shorter, reducing it from 145 to 65 words. To be honest, I am not satisfied with this paraphrasing tool.

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3. AI Detector 

AI Detector is another tool this website offers. It helps you detect AI in your content; you can check whether the content is written by a human or an AI-generated tool. This website claims that this tool has a 98% accuracy rate. You can detect AI and then rephrase that content to make it unique.

Let's try this tool by giving it the same story I have used in previous tools.

When I click the "Check AI" button, it gives me the results within seconds.

It shows that there are 98% chances that this content was written by humans and 2% chances that it was written by an AI-generated tool. This tool works great, but if it highlights the specific AI portion, it will become easier to change or modify that part.

4. Grammar Checker

Another tool from a big list of tools. It checks for grammar errors, as its name suggests. It helps you fix grammatical mistakes, including spelling, tense, and punctuation errors. Grammar is one of the most important things that should be correct in an article. Understanding the article or text will be difficult if your grammar is incorrect. So this tool is very important in writing.

Let's check the grammar of this article, which I am writing now, and correct the mistakes using this grammar checker tool.

It shows that this article has no grammatical issues and is good to post as it is. But, I have a doubt, so I'm going to recheck it using QuillBot's grammar checker tool.

Look at the difference; this QuillBot grammar checker shows that this article has 28 grammatical errors. I will correct all of these errors using this tool. The performance of the grammar checker on should be improved.

5. Paragraph Expander

This is the next tool on the list that I'm going to test. It can help to expand paragraphs into more comprehensive and well-structured ones. Without wasting any time, let’s try this one by giving it a short paragraph and asking the tool to expand on it.

I gave this tool a paragraph of 176 words, and it expanded it to 312 words, which is quite impressive.

The tool doesn't just make the paragraph longer; it also ensures that it stays relevant, correct, and complete. 

I like all these tools because they're very helpful; you don't need to make much effort, and the tools serve you according to your instructions, helping you get your tasks done.

6. Paragraph Generator

This is another interesting tool on the list. It can help you create interesting paragraphs or any other content without much effort. It can generate a complete paragraph according to your instructions. You simply input the topic you want to generate a paragraph about, then click the generate button, and your paragraph will be ready within seconds.

Let’s try this tool.

I simply enter one random line, set the tone to professional, and then click on the Generate Paragraph button.

Now check the standard version of this tool by inputting the same line.

The one thing I have noticed is that in the professional version, it generates a paragraph of 43 words, while in the standard version, it generates a paragraph of 44 words, which is simple and easy to read for even kids.

Overall, this tool is good for writing simple paragraphs and for students.

7. Paragraph Rewriter

There are so many tools on this website, which really impresses me. The paragraph rewriter is another one. If you have copied someone else's work, this tool will help you rewrite that text and create a new version to avoid plagiarism. 

Now comes the testing process.

I chose the fluency mode and input a long paragraph to rewrite.

Now this is the result, which is almost the same. Actually, this tool rewrites, but the output is almost the same as the one I input. You cannot use this tool at an advanced level, like university or the thesis process; this tool is good for school-level students.

8. Readability Checker

This is the seventh tool on the website. This tool analyzes your content and gives you a score using standard readability indicators. This can help you identify what grade a kid could easily read and understand. 

I input the text in the box and click on the check readability button, and within a few seconds, it shows me the result.

This website claims to have a feature that can tell you what grade a kid could easily read and understand. This tool only shows the readability score but doesn’t tell the readability level.

9. Text Summarizer

Text Summarizer is the last tool on the website that helps you minimize your content. It will summarize your text concisely with key points. If you have a long text and you're confused about how to condense it without changing the context or important points, then this tool could be very helpful for you.

I choose a long text and ask this tool to summarize. Here is the result.

This tool summarizes this text from 176 words to just 33 words. This tool provides two modes: paragraphs and key sentences. And when I choose the key sentence mode, this shows the result: 

Overall, this tool is good and could be used by student writers and many others in the writing field. quick review

  • Accuracy: 7/10
  • Features: 8.5/10
  • Ease of Use: 9/10
  • Customer support: 7/10
  • Price: Totally Free 10/10
  • Speed: 7.5/10

I've tested all the tools on this website, and overall, I'm impressed with all the features it provides. This is all accurate information. These ratings are very honest, and this is not a sponsored post. I don't receive any commission or external benefit by mentioning a website or its performance.


Overall, is a great website that not only helps you detect plagiarism but also helps you to write paragraphs, rewrite them if you're not satisfied, expand or summarize them, check for grammar errors, assess the readability level of your content, and paraphrase your content without plagiarism.

What more could you expect from a free website? It offers so many features that are very rare to find on a free website. 

And of course, this website uses natural language processing to provide results that are close to human-written, and it uses the latest Google data and information to keep your content up to date.

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